Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program

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WIC is a nutrition program for pregnant women, breastfeeding women for up to 12 months after delivery, postpartum women up to 6 months after delivery, and infants and children up to 5 years of age who live in North Dakota and meet the income guidelines.

WIC (Women, Infants & Children) – Central Valley Health District

The WIC program provides three primary services to clients:

  1. Counseling for healthy diets and growth during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood.
  2. Referrals to other agencies as appropriate.
  3. A supplemental food package tailored to the individual.

For additional information and to check eligibility guidelines:

North Dakota Department of Health (WIC)

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Dickey County Health District
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P.O. Box 238
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Phone: 701-252-8130
E-mail: jewald@nd.gov