Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety

Our Child Passenger Safety Program provides car seat education by trained and certified technicians. A limited number of car seats are also available to families for distribution. In-office appointments are preferred.

North Dakota’s Child Passenger Safety Law:

Evaluation visit in your home upon request of you, your family, or your physician to assess if we can provide services which will enable you to stay in your home.

  • Children younger than 8 years of age are required to ride in a child restraint (car seat or booster seat). The restraint must be used correctly – following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • A correctly-used seat belt may be substituted for children younger than 8 who are at least 4’9” tall.
  • Children ages 8 through 17 must be properly secured in a seat belt or child restraint (car seat or booster seat).
  • Children younger than 18 must be properly restrained regardless of their location in a vehicle.
  • The penalty for violating this law is $25 and one point against the license of the driver. The driver is responsible for ensuring that all occupants are buckled up in the appropriate restraint.
Choosing a Carseat

Statistics show that more than 72% of car seats are used incorrectly.

Do you need your car seat checked? Stop in to get yours evaluated or visit our community car seat check-up events that are offered seasonally.

Certified Car Seat Techs: Abby, Kerry, and Roxanne