Board of Health

Board of Health

Dickey County Health District's Board of Health oversees the operations of the health department. The board's responsibilities include:

  • Investigating nuisances, source of filth and causes of sickness, and establishing regulations to prevent them.
  • Adopting quarantine and sanitary measures when infections or contagious disease exist in Dickey County.
  • Maintaining required records and reports for the Department of Health.
  • Preparing a budget for Dickey County Health District which is submitted to county commissioners for approval.

Core Essential Services:

  • Prevent epidemic and the spread of disease.
  • Protect against environmental hazards.
  • Prevent injuries.
  • Promote and encourage healthy behaviors.
  • Respond to disasters and assist communities in recovery.
  • Assure the quality and accessibility to health services.

Board of Health Members:

Jerry Walsh, Chair
Alicia Glynn, Vice Chair
Brandon Carlson
John Hokana
Kacey Holm
Marke Roberts
Jean Schmaltz

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